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"A Challenge is our Specialty"

Rockland Form A Plastics, Inc. is a small custom-molding company specializing in dip-molding and dip-coating of vinyl plastisols. Founded in 1963 with the motto "A Challenge Is Our Specialty", we provide innovative solutions and high-quality products for our customers in the health care, electronic, and industrial fields. Our uniquely flexible molding operation is complemented by our in-house mold-making and compounding facilities, which allow us to quickly develop new products as well as to respond to changing demands of mature items.

From an initial drawing, sample product, or conversation with a client, we can quote prices for a few pieces or for many tens of thousands. We take great pride in working with our customers to perfect their designs and then to supply them with the resultant products quickly and efficiently. We regularly produce plastic parts on demand which meet customers' stringent standards and match their specifications of material, dimension and tolerance. The range of our equipment, our talent for inventing specialized tooling, and the experience of our dedicated workforce allow us to satisfy these customized needs.

Our customers are primarily manufacturers within the U.S. that have global reach. The parts we mold can be found in their products here in North America, as well as in Europe, South America and elsewhere around the world. Components for medical and health care devices, insulating boots for electronic assemblies and tool handles are among the many items we mold. We strive to form lasting relationships with our customers by focusing on quality, service and value.

Please contact Donald Lashomb, president, for more information.

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